Foundry Services

Powerchip's foundry services deliver 300 mm wafers and innovative process technology. Powerchip advanced process platform supports worldwide customer for Memory and Logic devices.

Memory Foundry Service
    As Powerchip provides state-of-the-art and mature technologies for memory foundry services. Powerchip delivers niche DRAMs and pseudo SRAMs. To meet the needs of these unique markets, Powerchip also provides customized devices and processes unique to each customer requirement. The industry leading advanced 70/90nm technology foundry utilizes our 300mm fab and allows our customers to remain competitive. As a professional memory solutions company, Powerchip provides more than just wafer fabrication foundry services. We support our customers with both wafer process engineering and back-end process information. Our customers benefit with using these high quality devices.
HV Driver IC Foundry Service
    Powerchip also offers a variety of high-voltage process technology for TFT LCD, CSTN, OLED, LCD TV, and mobile SOC applications. Powerchip leads by delivering technology with minimum mask layers, smaller device pitch, and OTP/MTP options. The result is a reduction in process cycle time and higher yield. Powerchip delivers a true competitive advantage by offering state-of-the-art technology and cost-effective solutions that provide our customers with the edge over their competition.
CMOS Image Sensor Foundry Service
    Based on DRAM technology, the Powerchip CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) process technologies are highly competitive. When compared with other logic-based CIS technology foundries, the Powerchip technology include low leakage characteristics, and provides the small/dark current and low power consumption required by high-end camera phone and DSC/PC-camera sensor applications. The CIS process requires fewer mask layers and a shorter cycle time - again saving customers on both cost and lead-time. We also provide color filter and micro-lens processes to meet the high-sensitivity requirements of our sensor customers.