Restricted Substance Management

Restricted Substance Management

Green Production - We realize that humans and the environment exist in one entity., and in order to protect this entity, in view of international environmental protection trends and in response to customers demand, Powerchip has been actively promoting green designs, green procurement, green production and green packaging since2003, winning the eyes of all our clients and Sony's affirmation and certification to be Sony's Green Partner. In order to effectively implements "green management," Powerchip based both fab manufacturing and quality implementation on ISO requisites Subsequently, a series green management procedures have been developed in order to complete the planning of a Hazardous Substance Free(HSF) process and product realization. A for which include: full education and training, thematic internal audit, annual vendor audit, continuous

monitoring of materials and products, hazardous substance/material deduction, all of which encourage vendors/subcontractors to develop a hazardous material/product management mechanism as well as customer/client feedback etc. Powerchip monitors for any hazardous substances starting from the source-side input of material to output of products all conforming to RoHS & REACH international regulations requirements on substance. As to raw material input, a management mechanism for hazardous material at the sample evaluation phase has already been set up and has become one of the critical requirements of Powerchip's qualified material and vendors for which they are them to submit material test reports and sign an agreement. As to product output, we periodically send products to a Third-Party Notary Testing Unit to execute testing on hazardous material in order to ensure products conform to international regulation requirements.We activly share Powerchip's resources and green knowledge with all of our clients,

vendors, and subcontractors, and our only hope is that we remain in direct communication with both advancements and setbacks beyond just winning their recognition. This is what truly benefits the expansion of Green Management.
We hold hazardous material management to be significantly relevant in internal training by using e-Learning methods to assign training to all of our employees.
They must complete the required course hours and tests. There is also the implementation of an internal peer-auditing and team face-to-face portion to discuss work- flow in the departments and also achieve green knowledge exchanges between employees. This is how we can fully understand green production is to be maintained by everyone, and also that management of hazardous material is everyone's responsibility.


Avoid Using Conflict Metals

Conflict Metals are gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), and tin (Sn) from mines in Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, or mining from neighboring armed countries. Powerchip requests itself and suppliers to avoid using Conflict Metals and request them to provide a signed Conflict-Free Smelter guarantee letter. Also, asking their supply chain to update such information every year to confirm the production runs without Conflict Metals.