Memory Technology Platform

DRAM Process

  • Powerchip has provided unique memory foundry for many years and is the only one vendor that can provide 12-inch advanced DRAM memory technologies for foundry service. Continuing the mass production of 40nm DRAM foundry, we can now more actively assist clients to design products by 30nm and 20nm DRAM foundry processes in order to satisfy our clients' demands for product diversification.
  • Powerchip can provide clients DRAM design service for customized DRAM which satisfies greater system bandwidth requirements. Powerchip can assist on building Low Power DRAM, Wide I/O, integrating logic and memory for 3D IC, thus can generate a stronger system computing performance.


Flash Process

NAND Flash

  • Powerchip uses 12-inch wafer fabrication technology as its core competence and has manufactured 70/50/40nm NAND Flash products for several years, as a result, Powerchip is providing 50nm and 40nm foundry processes, and product design service. 20nm Flash Technology development is already underway.
  • NAND Flash Product Application can be divided into:
    - MLC (multi-level cell) Flash Chip: used in small memory cards, MP3 music players, and USB drive discs . The production technology has advanced to 40nm process. With increasing memory demand on smart phone, NAND Flash with Low-power DRAM has already become mainstream memory solutions.
    - SLC (Single-Level Cell) Flash chip: Targeting the mobile application devices, internet of Things and the industrial application market, Powerchip provides low-power, energy saving and high-reliability SLC Flash chips. The 40nm SLC Flash process can provide 1 bit ECC feature, also provide the option of low voltage, and perform the high reliability.


NOR Flash

Powerchip's 12-inch wafer fab is also utilized to produce cost effective NOR Flash products. Powerchip now provides clients NOR Flash foundry 120/90nm production processes, where the 65nm production process has entered its mass production phase as well.