Wafer Foundry Mask Service

Powerchip provides an integrated and rapid mask service. When it comes to client Tape-Out, Powerchip provides a design package which can be applied for usage and verification at Circuit Design and IC Layout phases, which can shorten the time the start of product design to Mask production and rapidly take-on business opportunities.

Furthermore, Powerchip integrates a rigorous, automatic Tape-Out process to protect client's intellectual property. Through an encryption key, clients can do the encryption process for product design data and then upload it to the Powerchip FTP server, which is to ensure data transmission security. All client information is handled under a safe and independent environment (independent network environment of hardware equipment). The protection mechanism provided by Powerchip covers each cycle in Mask data handling, which is only provided to those with permission to access, and this indeed, protects client intellectual property.

Powerchip's Tape-Out handling process includes client data handling (Main Chip Handling) and production of Frame Layout. As to Main Chip Handling t, there is: Internal IP Replacement, DRC/LVS Verification, automatic CMP dummy filling, Boolean Operation, and Layer Sizing within OPC treatment. After Powerchip receives a client's Tape-Out data, according to chip size, Powerchip will start to produce a Frame Layout including Photo Mark, Testkey and CD bar, etc. Following a client's completion of product data verification, we will encrypt data for the Frame Layout and send it to the Mask company cooperating with us. The Mask company will provide a client a set of accounts and passwords so that it can start to produce the Mask after guaranteeing confirmation online.

With a large number of hardware and software investments and long-term successful experience accumulated, Powerchip has sufficient capabilities to assist clients with investing in the most the complex design of the market in minimal time.

All Mask suppliers can proceed with verification of their Mask production capability through a careful planning process. Powerchip's high efficiency Tape-out handling ability with the cutting-edge mask technology of a global leader can provide every client perfect Mask service.

The following is a flowchart showing the Mask service handling process: