Logic Technology Platform

High Voltage Process

Primarily utilized by mobile phones, tablets and TV drive IC, etc. Powerchip uses a good memory yield improvement tools and combines QC methodology of the Japanese high voltage process production line to achieve our clients' requirement of the minimum failure PPM. Powerchip has sufficient 12-inch wafer fab production capacity with a rapid production cycle time, which can effectively satisfy our clients' requirements to correspondence with the volatile market.

Focusing on the trend of the "high resolution" display for smartphone, the 55nm copper process has been in mass production stage, and will provide our clients an alternative technology platform for high-end products. 

Integrated Memory Chip (IMC), Embedded Flash Process.

Powerchip initially entered the consumer electronic MCU market. In the future, Powerchip will enter related fields such as Near Field Communication (NFC) Control IC, Touch Control IC and Automobile IC, etc. 

For embedded nonvolatile memory technology, Powerchip has established the 130nm and 55nm process development and provides clients with a logic integrated memory chip foundry service with the best cost competitiveness.


110nm CIS process technology is under production for high resolution CIS chips for clients. Powerchip also developed the CIS color filter and micro lens process in order to provide clients a more completed CIS chip foundry service at same fab.