Environment Safety Health

Environment and Safety Health Policy

Powerchip is a professional wafers manufacturing company. Based on total safety & health management, environment protection and the philosophy that we should always share our fruitful accomplishments with employees, customers and society, Powerchip is committed to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, as well as to identify environmental protection, green-manufacture production, occupational injury/illness prevention and do well about corporation sociality and responsibility with our management composition.

We firmly believe that through the implementation of an environmental, safety and healthy management system and communication with employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, society and other stakeholders, the ultimate goal of Powerchip, a prosperous-and-everlasting Powerchip coexisted with a healthy environment, will be achieved.

In concert with the company's basic commitment, Powerchip observes the following fundamental ideas in its work to achieve a higher quality of life for all employees and the community.

  1. All managers are committed to providing the necessary resources implement and improve daily safety management to ensure the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the management system.
  2. Safety is equally important as Environment, Productivity and Quality.
  3. Compliance with related environmental protection, safe and health regulations and standards.
  4. All employees should prevent any environment pollution or predicable damage from happening and are responsible for loss control.
  5. To implement energy conservation and carbon reduction activities and to promote the efficient use of resources in response to climate change mitigation and adaptation and sustainable resource use.
  6. Constantly review and audit the ESH management system such that a safe and healthy working environment is upheld and environmental accomplishments are continuously achieved.

Environment and Safety Health management system

Powerchip is a member of the global village and we should give priority to corporate social responsibility. Since its establishment in 1984, Powerchip Company has been committed to enhancing environmental protection, occupational safety, health and health promotion; We have passed the certificate of ISO 14001 that was approved by Lloyd's in 1998, OHSAS 18001 certification in 2002 and TOSHMS:2007 certification in 2009.

We have integrated both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems to our internal ESH (environment and safety health) management system in 2003 and under this basic structure we carry out environmental management and occupational safety health management activities in company. Due to the transition to a new version of ISO 14001: 2015, the environmental management system was successfully reissued in July 2017 with the re-examination of the provisions and operation. The latest certification was dated November 2017 to ensure that Environmental management and occupational health and safety management activities are in line with international trends.

We follow up the ESH policy after our general manager approval to give an impetus to our ESH management system and we plan our ESH activity based on the existing organization. The Senior Vice-general Manager is the ESH administration representative and is responsible for verification and implementation of ESH management working items. We had the annual ESH subject approved by our general manager in the beginning of each year and the responsible department draws up a feasible work goal according to its significant ESH risk to carry out specifically and trace their progress quarterly.

We implement an internal ESH audit activity every half year, to confirm the condition of our ESH system operations through inspection and correction, we also provide the investigation results about system and performance to the ESH management committee member to examine, and review the results through self-criticism and modification in the committee, to achieve the goal of continuous improvement.

Over the past 23 years since its founding, Powerchip has been awarded the Corporate Environmental Protection Award and the Golden Dragon Award, the National Excellent Labor Safety and Health Unit Award, the excellent occupational safety and health unit of the Bureau, the Excellent Health Pilotage Award, the Excellent Health Workplace Award, the Green Landscaping and Environment Maintaining good companies in competition, energy saving and carbon reduction operation award, Scientific Industrial Park Water Saving Achievement Award, Ammonia Nitrogen Wastewater Reduction Merit Award, Environmental Protection Agency Poison Operations Operational Excellence Unit and Waste Reduction and Resource Recycling Merit Award, More respectively, in 1999, 106 twice won the "National Health and Safety Award" honor.

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National Health and Safety Award

Safety Culture

With its core safety culture, Powerchip has made "safety and health not an extra job, but an important part of everyone's work." Through the promotion of all employees, we have taken the initiative to develop proactive and safe habits so that "Do safe by ourselves, Certainly safety." seeds planted in the heart of each and every one of my colleagues to develop a proactive and positive safety values, implement standard operating procedures and Checklists control, to achieve the flow of work, standardization, data and other norms, so that plant operations And the environment has a better protection.

In addition to providing adequate resources and support at all levels of supervisors, departments are also encouraged to take the initiative to participate in the proposal improvement and training discussions. Taking initiative and immediate starting point as a starting point, "zero staff injuries" become the basic attitude of self-request and improvement of self-care environment, , Product and construction of a high degree of vigilance, to strengthen their own, colleagues, vendors, guests and other overall safety focus

In order to create a safe working environment, we work hard to achieve the goal of "zero staff injuries" and "zero staff incidents." We will continue to carry out this activity in the future, set up ESH professional knowledge and establish the concept to take make factory safety our own duty; as everybody likes the factory like a loving family. Therefore we can achieve the goal of build up the Powerchip's staff safety culture.

Health Management

Powerchip believes that employees are the most important asset in our business. It is always our first priority to take care of all of our employee's health. Through the implementation of the comprehensive heath examination program and holding a series of heath promotion activities, both work and health are well taken care of at all times for our employees. Consequently, the enterprise's competitiveness is guaranteed.

  • Comprehensive health care

    We provide a comprehensive heath examination program for our employees annually. Every abnormal item is carefully traced throughout the medical process. In addition, we also request on-site contractors to implement a heath examination periodically to establish a healthy and non-contaminate working environment.
  • Health promotion activities and psychology counseling service

    Based on the results of employees' health examination, we hold a series of heath promotion activities, including ultrasonic wave examination, weight loss, cardiovascular group's health care and periodic female examinations, We also hold all kinds of lectures and professional counseling services to enhance employees' health knowledge and cultivate the correct hygiene concepts.
  • Health management system

    Employees can use the health information management system to review their personal health examination reports and register online for clinic services, sign up for health promotion activities, and seek counsel for health problems. Through providing these diversified and comprehensive health information services, we strive to enhance employees' independent health management ability and achieve preventive care.
  • Powerchip's Clinic Services

    Our clinic provides outpatient medicine services. This clinic is not only open to our employees, but also open to our employees' family, groups' employees, and all contractors. In addition, our on-site nurses also provide professional health care services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that our employees do not have to worry about their health.