Energy Policy

Energy Certificate 2015

Powerchip is a professional foundry company upholding profit sharing and common development philosophy with social, corporate and employee. Also commit with the National Energy Act and international carbon reduction trend, efforts to reduce energy consumption, to fulfill our corporate social responsibility . Powerchip commitment to comply with the following philosophy and guidelines for the implementation of energy policy and cherish the efficient use of energy and drive all my colleagues together to safeguard the Earth's energy and environment play its force.

  1. To provide resources to improve the energy management and implementation of the executive energy ordinance.
  2. Strengthen equipment management and reduce energy consumption, to achieve energy-saving goals.
  3. Ongoing energy reduction measures to optimize energy efficiency.
  4. Increase the purchase of equipment with energy-saving mark and import energy-saving design of products and processes.
  5. To establish the appropriate energy policies then promote the employees full participation and the company continue operation.

Energy Goal

Refer to Powerchip effectiveness of energy-saving measures and the Ministry of Economic Affairs "energy users set targets and implementation of energy conservation plan requirement"; draw up the 2017 annual goals for reducing 1% energy consumption.