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Greenhouse Gases Reduction

Greenhouse Gases Certificate

Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions focus on emission reductions of PFCs, in July 2005 signed with the Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan reduction cooperation memorandum promised to implement the PFC emission reductions, Powerchip commitment TSIA and WSC The reduction target has been reached and the 2016 PFC emissions are 0.008 MMTCE (million metric tons of carbon equivalent).
In order to reach the decrement goal, Powerchip set up the greenhouse gases inventory and reduction management team, the team members collect information related to greenhouse gases regularly, and they carry out the examination and verification work for the amount of greenhouse gases emissions, include the emissions of process and the volatility organic compounds (VOCs) burned, usage of gasoline, diesel fuel and natural gas, etc. in the factory, we call these the direct-emission sources, and the electricity usages are defined indirect-emission sources. We inventory and verify GHG emissions according to the ISO14064-1 standard. Every department in the company plans for the relevant greenhouse gases reduction measures and action, and carries on the plan continually on schedule. We have now finished the inventory work for emissions amounts and reduction performance of greenhouse gases, obtained the verification of the independent Certification Body about 2000~2016, and gained certificate of registration.

According to the EPD's initial reduction and project advancing principle, Powerchip participate in the GHGs pre-reduce planning of Environmental Protection Adminstration Executive Yuan ,ROC. That was received credit of 250,253 ton-CO2e. It is one of the few projects that can be approved by the Environmental Protection Department Effective semiconductor institutions.

2016 EPA Check inventory statement