How to get to Powerchip

By bus By train By car

By bus

If you come to Powerchip by U-bus or YaLan-bus, getting off the bus and transferring to the Green-line shuttle bus at the Science Life Building Stop to arrive at Powerchip.

By train

When you arrive at the Hsinchu station, you can take bus(on the Min-Zu road in front of the Sogo Department Store) No.1, No.30, No.31 to Science Park. Getting off the bus at Science Park Main Entrance Stop and you will arrive at Powerchip by transferring to a taxi or Green-line shuttle bus.

By car

Zhong-shan freeway

South; Go through (Guang-Fu) intersection to ZhuDong, after you arrive at the first overpass. On the right hand side is the entrance to the Hsinchu Science Park, as you arrive at the entrance of the Science Park. Keep going straight and follow the sign. From Science Park go straight, turn right when you meet Li-Hsin 6th road. Turn left when you meet Li-Hsin 1th road, you will find that Powerchip on your right side in about one minute.
North; Go through Science Park Intersection, and then turn right to Park 2nd Road. Go straight to Pao-Shan Road, and then turn left to Li-Hsin 3rd Road. Turn left to Li-Hsin 1st Road, you will see Powerchip on your left hand side.

Second freeway

Go through Zhu-Lin intersection, from ZhuDong to Hsinchu city center is about thirty minutes. When you see the Hotel Royal turn left, you will see the entrance to the Science Park. Go straight to Li-Hsin 6th road as you meet Li-Hsin 1st road then turn left. You will see Powerchip on your right side in about one minute.
Upon arriving at Powerchip, please follow the instruction and find a parking space for yourself.
Corporate Headquarters / Fab P1 / Fab P2:No. 12, Li-Hsin 1st Rd. Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu. Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-3-5795000
Fax: 886-3-5788565
Fab P3:No. 16-1 Li-Hsin Rd. Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-3-5791000
Fax: 886-3-5632345